First Presidency Mormon Leaders The members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sometimes nicknamed Mormons, know God has lovingly sent us prophets to help us get through the last days of earth successfully. However, He has also given us a way to receive personal revelation just for our own lives. While only the prophet may receive revelation for the entire church, each person may receive guidance from God on how to live his or her personal life and to know what is true. This gift from God has eternal significance. One reason we were sent to earth was to find out if we could find and live according to the truth when our Heavenly Father wasn’t right here with us. To help us with this, he gave us the Spirit of Christ, which we always have with us.

As we begin our search for eternal truth, we will be faced with many conflicting ideas. One church will tell us God and Jesus are the same person. Another will tell us they aren’t. One will say baptism is essential. Another will say it is not. How do you know who is right?

We can learn to recognize the Light of Christ as it guides us through our life. The Light of Christ can tell us what is true and can help us remember what we once knew when we lived with God. You may already have had experience with the Light of Christ. Have you ever done something wrong and felt something deep inside telling you this was wrong? Have you ever had an odd premonition you were making a dangerous choice or that there was something important you needed to do? Most of us call this our conscience or intuition. In reality, it is the Light of Christ, given to you as a gift from your loving Heavenly Father to keep you safe. The more you listen to it and react to its promptings, the more clearly you will recognize it when you feel it or hear it.

When you first meet with missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you will hear doctrine that may be new to you. And yet, sometimes, a little flicker in your heart will tell you this seems somehow familiar. This is the Light of Christ, testifying to you that you once knew all of this without doubt.

In time, when you choose to be baptized and confirmed a member of the Church, you’ll receive the Holy Ghost, the gift the Savior promised to send us. This gift will be with you every moment of your life if you live worthily of its presence, to guide and protect you.

How can you use the light of Christ to determine if The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true? The first step is to trust God to be able to tell you what is true in a way you can recognize. God can do anything, including give you truth. If you trust Him, He will answer your request.

mormon-prayer The next step is to begin studying. God, being a wise parent, wants us to make an effort on our own. He knows it’s always better for us to strive for what we want rather than to be handed it without effort, just as you, if you’re a parent, know this is best for your own children. As you study, keep your heart and mind open, noticing what you feel in your heart as you read.

Next, continuously go to your knees in prayer and ask God to tell you if this is true. Tell him what you think. A warm, comforting feeling in your heart tells you that you are right.

Live righteously as you study, living as closely to God’s teachings as you can. This helps you to be worthy of His help.

Try living what you learn. Notice how you feel as you live a new teaching. You cannot do wrong and feel right, so this is a good test of truth. But in the end, prayer is always the answer.

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